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TBI wishes to make every family, in-married and inter-married alike, feel as if they belong in a conservative synagogue with no pressure to convert, change or do anything different in their lives except to raise their children in a Jewish household and to observe Jewish rituals as best they are able. We are an egalitarian and inclusive synagogue and we respect and support the right of every person to make autonomous religious decisions. At TBI we encourage the non-Jewish spouse or partner to be engaged in the TBI community.

We hope the non-Jewish spouse or partner will become an integral participant in some of TBI’s program offerings and become part of all synagogue programs, simchas and special events. We offer:


  • Adult learning classes and family services to help you gain a comfortable understanding of our services and Jewish traditions.
  • Volunteer projects, educational activities, and all non-ritual committees.
  • Our clergy are available to help you with engaging in our congregation or to answer any questions about Jewish life.
  • Participation in the religious school activities and life-cycle events of your family members.

Our interfaith families are encouraged to participate in all of the family milestones, from baby namings to weddings. We ask that you contact Rabbi Mishkin directly to speak about the rituals and customs at our synagogue.


Giving to Temple Beth Israel

Giving to Temple Beth Israel

Giving tzedakah (making donations) to Temple Beth Israel enables our community to come together to pray, celebrate, socialize, and learn. In addition, your tzedakah to Temple Beth Israel provides teachers for our children’s Jewish education, supports adult programs, assists our holy work of Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), organizes members to visit the sick and comfort mourners, and much more.